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The Advantages of Aerial Yoga

Revolutionizing the world of fitness and yoga, we have created a unique space that will take you on a journey to discover your deepest potential. Allow me to introduce aerial fitness, combined with the grace of circus movements, to offer you a perfect blend of stretching, conditioning, and stabilizing exercises that will enhance your overall well-being. The benefits are extensive, including decompression of the spine, releasing tension in the muscles and fascia, promoting lymphatic flow, improving mobility and blood circulation, and strengthening your core, among others. We deeply value the inner child and the art of creativity, which is why we have infused these elements into our classes, taking movement to an entirely new level. Whether you seek personal growth or wish to explore the limitless capabilities of your body, we invite you to join our classes and experience the magic firsthand.


Explore the heART of Yoga! 

Step into discovery mode, and push yourself to learn something new. Providing a sacred sanctuary, our Shala is designed to create a motivational, empowering, divine and nurturing space. Bringing you post classical and modern age yoga styles, as well as mixed movement arts and flow through classes and workshops. Our multitalented teachers, features and facilitators cultivate a safe environment for yogis and yoginis of all ages and walks of life. The expansive offerings allow you to journey wherever you feel destined to go, while also building a greater community here within us all. Join us for class, or check out our Sky Lounge, the heart of the Shala, where we provide a safe space to meditate and enjoy ceremonial cacao or tea.

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It Takes a Circus…

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Frequently Asked Questions

Aerial yoga is a hybrid type of yoga combining traditional yoga poses with the use of an aerial hammock.

We are in Lakeway, Texas, off 620 South, in the Tillman Plaza next to the Grill. We are close to Steiner Ranch, Bee Cave, The Galleria, West Austin, West Lake Hills, and more.

You can find our classes via Mind Body, Classpass, our Website, and our App!

We have two types of classes, Traditional & Aerial. We have traditional yoga, acro yoga, & other fitness/conditioning classes.

All of our classes are beginner accessible & with small class sizes; you can also get more intimate teaching.

The owner, M. Frank, traveled to Bali & found their Ceremonial Cacao, which is fermented, & brought back 50 kilos of Raw Cacao. She had tried other ceremonial cacaos in South America & loved this one because of its sweetness. Ceremonial Cacaos have many benefits for your mind & body; it also opens your heart chakra!

Yin Reiki combines Yin-style yoga and reiki healing. The teacher guides you through restorative poses to relax your body and calm your nervous system while healing reiki is given throughout the class.

We are growing our student program & all student-athletes get 20% off now through May! We have Kids Yoga & Teen Aerial Yoga on Fridays, and on Saturdays, we have Teen Acrobatic Yoga Classes.

We are open 9 am – 8 pm Wednesday through Sunday.

Frank opened Aerial Yoga Austin in September of 2023 after finding aerial yoga and her love for it. She got certified in aerial yoga in Bali, and this studio is her slice of Balinese paradise after bringing her love of aerial yoga, raw Bali ceremonial cacao, & Royal Codes Clothing line.

One individual class is $25. However, we regularly offer special deals found on Mindbody and our website.

Our founding membership is a 6-month commitment with unlimited classes every month & a perks package.

We have private packages, parties, & availability to rent out the studio. More information is found on our website & for additional information, please email ayaartofyoga@gmail.com

We have open hours to allow you to use our studio when no classes/privates are scheduled. These open shala hours let you practice yoga in your peace & time. $ 5 for nonmembers & free for members.

The sky lounge is a specific cove of our studio with a beautiful open window, tea table, & many books. It’s dedicated to the art of tea, sipping with intention, & meditation. Access to the Skylounge is available with the purchase of cacao, open studio, or membership use of this sky lounge.

We have an upstairs yoga shala dedicated to the traditional style of yoga & a downstairs aerial yoga studio

You can get a free class through ClassPass

Download our Mobile App Here!

Discover the Serenity of Yoga Lakeway: Find Balance and Wellness Through Mindful Movement

Discover Inner Peace and Balance Through AYA Aerial Yoga

At AYA Aerial Yoga Studio in Lakeway, Texas, we invite you to join us on a journey of self-discovery through mindful yoga practice and movement. Our diverse yoga classes in Lakeway help create harmony between body, mind, and spirit. Whether you seek flexibility, tranquility, or knowledge, our skilled yoga instructors provide the support and encouragement needed to enhance your well-being.

Experience Our Unique Yoga Offerings

AYA Aerial Yoga Studio offers exciting aerial yoga classes where students perform yoga postures while suspended from silk hammocks. This combines traditional yoga practice with aerial acrobatics to increase mobility, strengthen core muscles, and decompress the spine. For those seeking a vigorous flow, try our Baptiste Power Yoga classes founded by Baron Baptiste. The active sequences build strength, balance, and flexibility through yoga breathwork, and asanas. We also offer traditional, meditative yoga practices like yoga nidra, slow flow, and nectar flow yoga for students wishing to connect with their breath and find inner peace.

Yoga is much more than just a physical practice. It’s an encompassing approach to wellness that nourishes the body, mind, and spirit. It blends bodily postures, breath work, and mental awareness practices, which ultimately provide a transformative experience beyond what happens on your mat alone. Through consistent practice, you can boost physical health, stimulate clear thinking skills, and gain emotional stability too!

The advantages of yoga are short-term as well as long-term with various benefits experienced from early sessions such as growth in strength, versatility & posture. Besides this, other perks also include stress management, improved concentration levels, and equanimity all around. Over time, your yoga training will become part of life – helping bring those same rewards again & again! So go ahead and appreciate the power behind practicing yoga for yourself – experiencing its true significance on your overall well-being!

Yoga is an excellent way to strengthen your body, increase flexibility, and boost overall physical health. Through proper form and alignment, yoga can help correct any posture problems while relieving pain in the process.

Poses like Plow Pose or Downward-Facing. Dogs are great for stretching out muscles as well as avoiding potential injuries down the road. Incorporating yoga into a fitness routine will give you more energy and bolster your feeling of well-being all around!

Yoga can help people achieve mental clarity and well-being in their busy lives. Through meditation, mindfulness techniques, and breathing exercises one can reduce stress levels while sharpening focus. Developing a consistent yoga practice helps to strengthen concentration powers as well as enhance cognitive functioning over time. Overall, this provides an important opportunity for slowing down each day so that you can tap into the present moment with more ease and joy!

Well-being is not solely physical and mental, but our emotional health should be taken into account as well. To preserve this balance, yoga practice can make a real difference – encouraging self reflection and aiding us in having inner peace which provides helpful coping strategies for life’s issues.

The other benefit of the activity is that it reduces pressure levels and worries. Leading to increased moods, and elevated self-esteem coupled with improved relationships among others due to positive vibes developed through engaging in yoga regularly.

The yoga journey is more than physical activity. It nourishes the body, mind, and spirit together. The combination of yoga poses, pranayama, and meditation provides a transformative experience. Through regular yoga practice, you can boost physical health, mental clarity, and emotional balance. Over time, yoga becomes an integral part of your lifestyle, bringing these rewards repeatedly.

Our yoga classes at our North Austin studio incorporate proper alignment and form to strengthen your body, improve flexibility, and correct posture issues. Certain poses like the Plow Pose and Downward-Facing Dog specifically target tight muscles and prevent future injuries. Adding yoga to your fitness routine will increase energy and overall well-being.

The meditation, mindfulness, and breathwork involved in our yoga practices help reduce stress and sharpen concentration. A consistent yoga routine strengthens your ability to focus and enhances cognitive function over time. Yoga provides the opportunity to slow down and connect with the present moment.

Yoga encourages self-reflection and inner peace to preserve emotional balance. It lowers anxiety and worry, elevating mood and self-esteem. The positive energy radiated through regular yoga practice also improves relationships with others. Yoga gives you healthy coping strategies for life’s challenges.

Experience Our Yoga Studio

Our Lakeway yoga studio offers a caring, supportive environment for yoga students at all levels. Yoga instructors provide step-by-step guidance and adjustments to make each yoga pose safe and optimal. Take time to listen to your body’s limitations and honor them. We help nurture your path towards self-discovery through yoga. Contact AYA Aerial Yoga in Austin, Lakeway, or San Antonio to start your journey today!

Explore Our Variety of Yoga Classes

Whether you’re new to yoga or an experienced practitioner, AYA Aerial Yoga has a wide selection of yoga classes to meet your needs. For beginners, we offer Hatha and Gentle Yoga courses that focus on basic poses, breathwork, and getting comfortable with your yoga practice. Our Vinyasa classes introduce dynamic sequencing to build heat and flow. Try Ashtanga yoga for its set series of intense, energetic postures. Those seeking alignment-based yoga can take Iyengar classes with an emphasis on precision.

In addition, we provide specialty yoga classes like Prenatal Yoga to support expectant mothers, Family Yoga so kids can join in, and Restorative Yoga incorporating props for ultimate relaxation. With diverse yoga class offerings morning, noon, and night, you’ll find the perfect yoga practice for you at AYA Yoga Studio in Lakeway.

Deepen Your Yoga Practice Through Workshops

Take your yoga expertise to new heights by attending AYA Yoga’s wide range of workshop offerings. On weekends, you can partake in day-long immersions focused on topics like backbends, inversions, or arm balances to finesse those techniques. We also host special guest yoga teachers who share their unique yoga styles and philosophies.

Short evening workshops allow you to sample new approaches like Yin Yoga’s long-held poses or learn helpful practices like Yoga Nidra relaxation. Annual retreats at scenic Texas locations give you the chance to fully unplug and dive deeper into your yoga practice free from everyday distractions. Grow your knowledge and abilities through AYA Yoga’s diverse workshop opportunities.

AYA Aerial Yoga Studio's Commitment to Community

In addition to providing exceptional yoga instruction, AYA Aerial Yoga Studio strives to build community and bring yoga’s benefits to the wider Lakeway area. We offer free weekly yoga classes to veterans to support their healing journey. Our staff and students also participate in local charitable events and causes like fundraising yoga-thons.

Several times a year we host fun community events at our studio open to the public like live music nights, mindfulness fairs, and vegetarian potlucks to educate on holistic wellness topics beyond the mat. At AYA Aerial Yoga Studio in Lakeway, we believe in yoga’s ability to create compassionate connections and betterment for all. Discover our vibrant community of like-minded yogis when you join AYA Aerial Yoga!

Traditional Yoga Practice Oasis

Traditional yoga provides an opportune environment for those seeking a respite from their day-to-day stress and to deepen knowledge about the unification of body, mind, and soul. Here practitioners will gain insight into breathing techniques as well as find relaxation in traditional yogic principles while cultivating inner peace through slow-flow movements.

The ultimate goal is to create stability within oneself by learning mindful meditation practices coupled with alignment exercises that encourage overall wellness on all levels – physical, mental & spiritual.

First Class Experience: What to Expect

Stepping foot into a yoga studio for the first time can be quite an exhilarating yet daunting experience. Knowing what to anticipate before entering helps you manage any nervousness and puts you in the right frame of mind for having a satisfying practice session. From your arrival onwards, you’ll find yourself embraced by an atmosphere that is both caring and supportive where veteran teachers will lead through every pose while adjusting them appropriately to make it safe and beneficial at the same time.

Your initial class might include stretching exercises followed by warm-up routines. Postures that aim towards improving strength & flexibility, familiarization with breathing practices appropriate even beyond this level, the introduction of certain meditation methods (depending on instructor) ; finally concluding with a relaxation section aimed at leaving one feeling refreshed physically & mentally alike!

Preparing for Class

Before your initial yoga class, be sure to come prepared. Wear loose-fitting clothes so you can move freely and bring a water bottle as well as your mat and towel for the practice. Consider changing into an extra set of clothing when done with the session too! Pack a snack in case you’d like something afterward.

Arriving 15 or 20 minutes before the start time is recommended because this will give you enough space to settle in at the studio, and take some deep breaths to relax while setting positive intentions on what lies ahead mentally speaking. After that, get ready for one amazing experience!

During Class

In the yoga class, your instructor will provide you with instructions and demonstrations for every pose. They’ll also adjust their guidance to different skill levels so that all can join in on this individual journey of self-discovery. It is important to recognize when your body needs a break or slow progression. Listen closely as you practice and honor those limitations. The teacher should help support each step taken forward throughout this experience called yoga!

Post-Class Reflection

Once the yoga session is done, devote some time to contemplate what you’ve learned and how it can benefit your physical and mental health. This moment of reflection will help you become more in touch with yourself. Enhancing well-being as a result.

By recognizing all that you have gained during this practice and everything difficult for you along the way, an even deeper understanding of yoga’s strength of transformation shall be achieved for each student.

Virtual Classes: Bringing Yoga to Your Home

Struggling to find time for yoga classes in our fast-paced lives? Online options are a great alternative, offering convenience and flexibility while still allowing you to experience the many benefits of this practice. With an abundance of instructors providing virtual sessions, it’s easy to discover one that fits your schedule and offers what you need – from beginners just starting out needing guidance or experienced yogis looking for something more challenging. Taking advantage of online lessons offered at home means creating a comfortable environment where personal growth is encouraged with private attention from the instructor. It’s also hassle-free so there won’t be any pressure when exploring different styles and techniques associated with yoga!

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