45 min sessions

Floating Hands


Hands On



Allow yourself to tap into the universal life energy!

Reiki is a highly effective energy healing technique that our skilled reiki master expertly employs to harmonize and optimize your vital energy. Through a variety of powerful healing methods, we focus on attuning your energy, resetting your aura, and realigning any imbalances that may occur in our everyday lives. Our sessions encompass a comprehensive approach, including energetic and full body attunement, cleansing and resetting your energy centers and channels, as well as aligning your chakras and balancing your kundalini energy.

Receiving reiki healing allows for the release of trapped energy, promoting improved circulation, blood flow, and the opening of neural channels. At our center, we offer two types of Reiki appointments: the ‘floating hands’ treatment, which involves no physical contact, and the hands-on approach, both employing a range of specialized tools during the session. By embracing reiki, you can empower your body to breathe deeply and discover a heightened sense of peace in your state of rest.

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